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Keturi nauji elementai Meninės Gimnastikos!

09 Sep 2016 at 19:55

This is the best way to become remembered for a long period of time. Those sportsmen or sportswomen who created original elements that were confirmed in the Code of Points can become immortal in the world of sport.

In the Olympic Games in Rio the FIG Technical Committees approved four new elements. Two of them were in Men’s Artistic Gymnastics. The other two elements were in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics. They are the following:

The Dick II

Performed by: Marisa Dick, Trinidad and Tobago

Apparatus: Balance Beam

Element description: A mount – change leg leap with 180 degree turn to free sit split position.

Element value: D

Note: Dick made international headlines after a different Beam mount named after her at last fall’s World Championships. This new move is therefore called the Dick II.

The Gebeshian

Performed by: Houry Gebeshian, Armenia

Apparatus: Uneven Bars

Element description: A hecht mount with a 360 degree turn with repulsion off the low bar to the high bar.

Element value: D

Note: In Rio, Gebeshian became the first female gymnast to represent Armenia at an Olympic Games.

The Nguyen

Performed by: Marcel Nguyen, Germany

Apparatus: Parallel Bars

Element description: A free hip circle mount from the side of the bars with three quarter turn to handstand position.

Element value: E

Note: This is the first time that Nguyen, the Parallel Bars silver medalist from the London 2012 Olympics, has inked his name in the Code on his signature apparatus.

The Shirai II vault

Performed by: Kenzo Shirai, Japan

Apparatus: Vault

Element description: A roundoff entry vault with a back somersault in a stretched body position with three and a half twists.

Element value: 6.4

Note: Shirai, along with Korea’s Kim Hee Hoon, performed this vault with three twists at the 2013 World Championships in Antwerp, Belgium. Shirai, a.k.a. “Mr. Twist,” used his new vault to help him win Olympic bronze on the event.



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