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01 Sep 2016 at 06:00

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Our dearest customers!

We are glad to present our first Gymnastics Magazine about the news from gymnastics world. It will be published once a month to keep you informed about all interesting ir significant facts connected with the sport events ir gymnasts’ lives. The rhythmic gymnastics world is full of events! Gymnasts train ir perform, win ir lose. Their private lives are no less interesting as well. Their families, injures, trips…We are sure you need to know everything! Thus, we are willing to supply you with some information! Get closer to famous sport celebrities with us!

Hard days are best because that’s when champions are made. Gabby Douglas

The World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships

The World Championships in Stuttgart became a grand event. The representatives from 59 different countries took part in it. All of them had a serious preparation period. They were improving their technical elements really hard. The psychological trainings were no less important. You may read how Yana Kudryavtseva ir Margarita Mamun got ready to the event čia ir čia.

The general results of the World Championships are the following:

1st place – Russia (8 gold ir 6 silver medals)

2nd place – Italy (1 gold ir 1 silver medals)

3rd place – Belarus (1 silver ir 2 bronze medals)

4th place – Bulgaria (1 silver ir 1 bronze medals)

5th place – Ukraine (4 bronze medals).

Italy’s Gold!

The Italian team impressed the judges. They won the gold medal with the 5 ribbons routine. "We will start to work immediately for the Olympic Games," said Italian team captain Marta Pagnini after the competition. "We'll have a rest of course, ir then we'll come back to grow as a team, because we are a very young team.” All their emotions ir plans are described čia.

This Championship was significant due to the fact that it was a qualifying tournament to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. 15 places for the Individual Competition ir 10 places for the Group Competition at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games were attributed directly based on the results of this competition. The countries that managed to get to the Olympics are presented čia.

Yana Kudryavtseva!

Will she be able to perform at the Olympic Games? At the World Cup stage in Kazan Yana Kudryavtseva got a slight injury that’s why she couldn’t perform at all kinds of exercises. Despite her injury Yana perform greatly at the World Championships in Stuttgart but still she couldn’t manage her hoop routine. She was replaced by Aleksandra Soldatova.

In the end of September Yana Kudryavtseva underwent an operation on her foot. At the moment she is wearing a special orthopedic shoe. Nevertheless, Yana wants to start training as soon as possible. Read what her plans are čia.


I'm passionate. I'm a fighter. I'm relentless. I'm obsessed. I'm tough. I'm smart. I'm gutsy. I'm brave. I'm strong. I'm bald. I'm graceful. I'm powerful. I'm dedicated. I'm stubborn. I AM A GYMNAST!



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The USA rhythmic gymnastics team gets ready for Rio!

As the USA rhythmic gymnastics team deserved the right to perform at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the gymnasts decided to get a proper preparation. All six members of the Senior Group visited the official healthcare provider, St. Vincent Sports Performance (SVSP). They are: Kiana Eide, Alisa Kano, Natalie McGiffert, Monica Rokhman, Jennifer Rokhman ir Kristen Shaldybin. This is the first time the USA has qualified for the Olympics in rhythmic group gymnastics that’s why the gymnasts want to be properly trained technically ir psychologically as well.

We wish them luck ir will be watching their results! Šaltinis

Son Yeon Jae! Her achievements ir goals!

Son Yeon-Jae is a South Korean rhythmic gymnast. She is the 2014 Asian Games All-around Champion, the 2010 Asian Games all-around bronze medalist, two time (2015, 2013) Asian Championships All-around Champion.

"Rhythmic gymnastics is my everything. I can't even remember myself before I started this sport." Son's next goal is to win a medal at next year's Rio Olympics, but bronze is her most realistic target according to De No Coma - especially as tčia are no titles for the various individual events, just for overall ir team. Read all about Son Yeon Jae’s dreams ir goal čia.

Top Countries in the Acrobatic Championships

The European Acrobatic Gymnastics Championships was held in Riesa (GER). According to all types of exercises Russia, Belgium ir Israel became the top countries at this competition.

The event was also noticeable due to the fact that it presented the last performance of the Belgian gymnasts, Ineke van Schoor, Kaat Dumarey ir Julie van Gelder, as a Women’s Trio. They ended their careers double European Champions in addition to reigning the World bronze medalists. The detailed information about the Championships is presented čia.

The Upcoming Gymnastics Events

18th Happy Cup 2015
Event starts on: October 30th, 2015
Event ends on: November 1st, 2015
City: Ghent
Country: Belgium
Disciplines, categories ir age: Rhythmic Individual- (Junior 13-15 yrs), (Senior 16-99 yrs)

9th European Championships 2015
Event starts on: November 6th, 2015
Event ends on: November 8th, 2015
City: Elvas
Country: Portugalija
Disciplines, categories ir age: Aerobic Gymnastics- (Junior 15-17 yrs), (Senior 18-99 yrs)

GymFest Singapūras 2015
Event starts on: November 7th, 2015
Event ends on: November 8th, 2015
City: Singapūras
Country: Singapūras
Disciplines, categories ir age: Gymnastics For All- (All 1-99 yrs)

This is a non-competitive event but still some awards for the most interesting ir creative performances are provided. Awards: Most Entertaining Most Creative Best Choreography All groups will be awarded GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE for their performance ir may also be awarded for one of the categories above. Šaltinis

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